I’m a specialist in User Experience with a particular interest in startups and Lean business methods.

Over the years I’ve set up and run many companies. Some have succeeded and some have failed and I’ve learned a lot from both. But of course, success feels nicer. Understanding how businesses succeed and how to make sure that success is sustainable is what keeps me interested.

What I mainly do now is consulting for companies of all shapes and sizes. I help companies to design better products and services by helping them see the world through the eyes of their customers.

My basic approach might be described as “evidence-based design”. In other words: basing design decisions on evidence about customer behaviour from the real world, rather than on assumptions and opinions that come from within the organisation.

I find that the Lean philosophy is the most useful way of helping make product ideas into successful products.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can reach me through ian@uxdna.co.uk